AV ENGINEERING is the leading Czech company in the area of developing engineering products. We supply top-of-the-line software systems (CAD, PLM, and SLM) from PTC.

Our goal is to offer customers solutions for constant product innovation and for product creation, operation, and servicing methods that preserve their competitive advantage. Our value proposition lies in our long-term, multidisciplinary experience, numerous references, and certified skills.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a sought-out company and, through the high quality of our services and software systems, provide added value for customers by enabling them to permanently innovate their product creation, operation, and servicing.


We keenly perceive customers’ requirements and bring them solutions fine-tuned precisely for their needs.
Innovation and a proactive approach are our driving force. We’re always seeking solutions with maximum added value for our customers.

Our multidisciplinary experience in mechanical engineering, many references, and top-level certifications guarantee our customers to obtain quality and reliability.
Partner relations—not mere “client/supplier” relations—are a matter of principle for us.

Company history

2017 Comprehensive Activity R&D are transferred to the subsidiary AV R&D, Ltd.
2016 AV ENGINEERING entered 2016 with a new logo and a new corporate identity
2015 AV ENGINEERING is the first Czech company to use the Multsine method in accelerated product lifecycle testing.
2014 AV ENGINEERING participates in the international implementation of the Windchill® PLM system.
2013 For a full 20 years, AV ENGINEERING has been supporting its partners and their efforts to introduce products with higher utility, at shorter deadline, and lower costs.
2012 AV ENGINEERING becomes a Windchill® Preferred Partner of PTC® for implementing Windchill® PLM solutions.
2011 AV ENGINEERING implements its new locomotive design for the company CZ LOKO.
2010 Electronic catalog and guide creation becomes a part of the AV ENGINEERING services portfolio.
2009 AV ENGINEERING becomes a member of ACRI (the Association of the Czech Railway Industry).
2008 Operational tests, measurement, and testing become natural parts of the product development process at AV ENGINEERING.
2007 AV ENGINEERING implements project management as a standard tool for managing development orders.
2006 Full-fledged incorporation of PTC® products based on the Windchill® system into the AV ENGINEERING product line.
2005 AV ENGINEERING becomes the most successful PTC® Value Added Reseller (VAR) in the EE territory. The company attains Maintenance Services Provider and Platinum VAR status for PTC® products.
2004 The spectrum of analyses and simulations that the company offers grows to include CFD (liquid and gas flow) analyses.
2003 AV ENGINEERING expands its activities in the areas of developing and building production lines, manipulators, and measurement and verification devices.
2001 We deepen our expertise in CAE analyses and simulations (designs and optimizations for light systems, CETOL™ tolerance analyses, forming process simulations, etc.).
2000 Development and construction services become a strategic component within our product line.
1997 Founding of the Technical Calculations division, with a clear drive to support customers’ product development, including special and expertise-based activity in the area of virtual prototype analyses and simulations.
1995 The founding of the Engineering Division is a logical step in the gradual expansion of AV ENGINEERING’s product line, specifically in the area of direct support for product development by our customers in the automotive industry and other sectors.
1993 AV ENGINEERING is founded. Its main activities are supplying, implementing, and supporting the unique Pro/ENGINEER® construction system from PTC®.